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"Over 3 Decades of Turning Rhode Island's Blackstone Valley into an Internationally-Recognized Visitor Destination."

Since its creation in 1985, the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council has been a leader in transforming Rhode Island’s Blackstone Valley into an internationally-recognized visitor destination – a strong, vibrant region for visitors and residents alike. Working in conjunction with local communities, state and federal governments, and like-minded nonprofits and businesses, the Council has not only increased the number of visitors and enhanced their experiences, but strengthened the region’s economy, created a stronger, cleaner environment, and improved the quality of life for Blackstone Valley residents.Today, thanks to the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council and its many partners and collaborators, the Blackstone Valley is considered one of Rhode Island’s most significant visitor destinations, and a region where communities have become attractive places to live and work.

Home to some of Rhode Island’s most visited attractions and the state’s only Historical National Park, the Blackstone Valley, through its many historic sites and museums, is THE place to relive our great industrial heritage. In addition, our region is a major arts destination and the location of some of our state’s finest, most unique, dining establishments.Its many parks, farms and open spaces containing miles of waterways, hiking trails, bike paths, and abundance of wildlife and fall foliage make it one of the state’s outdoor recreational hotspots.

At the heart of that renaissance is the Blackstone River which is now a haven for boaters, wildlife watchers, and fishermen.The Council has built on many of the existing assets in the region: a rich, cultural heritage and historic legacy, ethnic diversity, the Blackstone River, parks and recreational facilities, attractions such as Twin River, Slater Mill, and a number of other historical attractions. Our success has come from the belief that healthy, vibrant and unique communities become stronger visitor destinations!

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