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The children are the future. Let's build a planet with less plastic and more fun!

Welcome to the kind shop, your one stop shop for all things plastic free, all natural and fair trade!

Why plastic free? I'm so glad you asked! Plastic is a material that has become way to commonplace in our throw away culture. After learning about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (learn more about it here) and the amount of waste generated by this material, I was woke to the plastic problem and knew I had to be a part of the solution.

Fast forward 10 years: I realized the best way to make an impact with in my immediate community. I made the leap to to start my own shop with the mission to provide plastic-free alternatives to products we use everyday! In doing this, we are able to educate about why plastic is such a problem and building a community of like-minded folks. You can feel good about the products you purchase at the shop because we have carefully selected and crafted each one. All of the products you find here are natural, plastic-free and fair trade!

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-the kind shop crew

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