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Vintage Assemblages suitable for home, business, professional and public spaces and special events; buy, lease or rent.

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After earning a B.S. in Animal Science from the University of Rhode Island in 1978, I started my own roofing and construction company in 1980 and spent the next 40 years

working on homes in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts. By chance I was asked to complete the dismantling of a circa

1820 house near downtown Warren, my hometown. This experience introduced me to the beauty of vintage building materials and hand- crafted woodwork. Over the next 10 years I continued to dismantle and salvage materials from a half dozen early houses and barns. My appreciation for the craftsmanship of those earlier times grew into a passion for collecting all sorts of vintage handmade items from many areas of everyday life.

In the loft of an early 19th century barn that I had dismantled and reassembled I began stacking various size crates and boxes on top of, beside and within other boxes. Inside of these “shelved” compartments I was able to display the treasures I found and collected over many years.

I like to think about why, how, when and by whom a particular item was designed, created and used. I also enjoy building these assem- blages in a way that will complement or contrast each artifact. The history of each item is an aspect which intrigues me and seeing its unique contribution is very special.

What began as a means of storage led to the creation of Vintage Arrangements. I enjoy working with my own collections, but just as rewarding is incorporating someone else’s items of relevance into a personalized arrangement for their home, business or event.

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