What If Kits

What If Kits are educational, open-ended, multi-sensory, hands-on and FUN!

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Business Overview

Martha Donovan and Wendy Black are two early childhood educators from Rhode Island who have a passion for teaching young children and for educating parents about developmentally appropriate play for young children. They have 6 kids between them, all young adults now. As young moms and educators they provided many of these kit play experiences for their own children at home and when teaching in the classroom. Martha and Wendy have seen first hand how open-ended play positively impacts a child's developmental learning. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they had time to explore in more depth their idea for sharing these hands-on, educational, and fun activities with young children and their families. What If Kits was born! Their hope is to inspire parents and children to spend time interacting together while exploring the package kit materials. Many kits also include play prompt ideas to guide adults with new ways to extend learning.

Meet Your Seller

Martha Donovan is a born and bred Rhode Islander. She currently works as a mentor and as a professional development facilitator to early childhood educators across the state. Martha spent 30 years teaching children in preschool and kindergarten in various community settings. Partnering with families has always been a top priority for Martha as she knows first hand that parents are a child’s first teacher. She holds a B.S. and master's degree in Early Childhood Education. She is a certified Tinkergarten leader. A mother to three adult children, she enjoys traveling to new places and spending time outdoors in nature.

Wendy Black is from Rhode Island and currently works in an early childhood center in Warwick. She has served as a kindergarten teacher, preschool teacher, and program director over the past 30 years. She has worked in educational settings such as Head Start, a State Funded Pre-K and has directed several summer camps. She holds a master’s degree in Early Childhood & Elementary Education and has a minor in Music.