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At CBDelicacy we strive to provide an organic & locally sourced daily supplement that promotes wellness & support, throughout all stages of your pet’s life, to ensure your pet is by your side for years to come.

Our treats are made by hand in small batches and have been tested for potency and purity, to ensure their authenticity.

What separates our product from other pet treats is that we are a farm to package, full-spectrum, CBD pet treat company. The CBD for the treats came directly from my own cannabis farm in Northern California. Our recipes are created by a culinary arts graduate of Johnson & Wales, and handmade with love in RI.

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Packaging: Food grade resealable bag

Strength: 2mg each (120mg per bag)

Content: 60 CBD Full Spectrum treats

Product Features: 100% organic locally sourced ingredients, non GMO, Dairy free, lab tested full spectrum CBD.

Recommended Use: If used as a daily supplement, pets should see improvements in their overall well-being. Some examples include, stimulating appetites, reducing stress and anxiety, relieving inflammation and pain, providing hip and joint support as well as support your pet’s digestive system

Directions for use: Each treat contains (2) mg of CBD, providing a low dose to be tailored to any size pet. They can also be very easily broken in half to administer (1) mg of CBD. It is recommended to start giving your pet ½ the daily dose for the first week to allow your pet to gradually engage their cannabinoid receptors. One treat is good for 20 lbs. of bodyweight.


- Whole wheat flour: a great source of fiber, vitamins and minerals
– Ground freeze dried beef: irresistible flavor and packed with protein
– Beef stock: adds a little extra flavor to make it that much more tempting
– Salmon Oil: promotes a healthy, shiny coat and can reduce skin allergy irritations
– Cannabinol (CBD): appetite stimulant, digestive support, relieves pain and inflammation
– Vitamin C: naturally produced antioxidant, may reduce cognitive aging
– Turmeric: contains curcumin providing anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effect
– Parsley: superfood providing immune system support and promotes good vision

Height: 12.00 in. Depth: 1.00 in. Length: 6.00 in. Weight: 1.00 lb.

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