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Dana Gambardella of Literacy Chef Publishing LLC

Dana Gambardella, President of Literacy Chef Publishing, LLC, began her self-publishing company in 2018 as a way to merge her passion for childhood literacy with a vital mission for young readers to embrace literacy, live to learn and love their own process. She believes that this is an essential ingredient for young readers to develop a love of story and a lifetime of literacy.

Dana writes to create stories that grab hold of every reader's heart in a way that's personal to them. She believes that a love of reading and learning can be fostered in a child starting with the first book. The moment a youngster locks his gaze on an illustration in a picture book, while responding to a familiar voice reading the story, is a pivotal opportunity to ignite a love of reading and spark the flame of learning.

As an author, Dana uses her imagination and creative thinking to bring her experiences and memories to life, in realistic, and entertaining ways for all readers. She values using story as the one constant innovative practice that remains powerfully instrumental for children, adults, and learners of all ages.

Dana's life-long interest in writing, children's books, and literacy was nurtured during her undergraduate and graduate coursework at Providence College. She currently works as a Reading Specialist in RI and as an adjunct faculty member in the Graduate Literacy Program at Providence College. Dana offers virtual and in-person author visits to organizations/events that are interested in fostering childhood literacy and igniting the joy of reading in young readers. Connect with Dana to create the perfect Reading Recipe for your child or group of learners.

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Delight in Mama Bear's Magic as Tiny Bear realizes that bath time can actually be “beary” fun! This humorous, truth-telling look at bath time illustrates how Tiny Bear overcomes his apprehension for the bath because of Brother Bear’s modeling and Mama Bear’s clever approach. It’s like magic!

Tiny Bear’s process is embraced by his Mama as he learns that bathing is an enjoyable, healthy practice. The bright illustrations capture the heart of the story and its readers.

Height: 10.00 in. Depth: 0.25 in. Length: 8.00 in. Weight: 0.82 lb.

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