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Hello, my name is Christine and I’m the proud owner of Power Pup Treats, LLC. I have always loved and owned a dog. My business journey started, after realizing I didn’t always know where the dog treats I would buy came from, and I didn’t know what the ingredients where, or even how to pronounce them. I started making my own clean dog treats for my dogs, and soon after family and friends where asking for them. It gave me so much joy watching dogs eating and loving my treats. I knew right then this was what I was meant to do! That’s the first chapter of my business, and I can’t wait to update you as I go!



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Have a pet birthday coming up? Birthday, Barkday, Gotcha day, welcome home, rescued day, whatever your celebrating we have the cake for it! Cakes come in a special birthday box, including a plush birthday toy!
Cakes are all natural, No preservatives, sugars, or fillers. Whole wheat flour, organic bananas, all natural peanut butter, raw honey; frosting- cream cheese, honey & natural peanut butter.
For freshness please store in airtight container; counter 1-2 days, refrigerate up to 3 weeks and freeze up to 4 months.
All of our yummy treats are meant to be fed as a reward or treat, not to be substituted for a well balanced diet.

Height: 12.00 in. Depth: 8.00 in. Length: 10.00 in. Weight: 5.00 lb.

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