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Victor Avelar developed this product to solve a problem with burning candles. Every now and then people forget to blow them out before leaving the house. That started hime on a very long journey (over 10 years) to invent, develop, and eventually launch the worlds first candle fragrance diffuser that is much safer than an open-flame. Not only that, in solving the safety problem, the diffuser boosts the tea lights fragrance!

If he's learned anything over the years, it's that it takes determination and perseverance to develop a product like this. He currently sources the plastic parts from Leominster, MA, the other components from China, and hand-assembles and packages each unit in his garage. You can read more about their story here:

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This patented candle fragrance diffuser quickly fills your room with your favorite tea light candle fragrance, using a quiet fan. When the fan stops, the candle flame is automatically extinguished.

See video of how it works

Includes base, glass candle holder, cover, charging cable, and instruction sheet (tea light candle not included)

Package dimensions 335 mm H x 150 mm W x 145 mm D (13.2" H x 5.9" W x 5.7" D)

Package weight 720 g (1.59 lbs)

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Height: 6.75 in. Depth: 4.33 in. Length: 4.33 in. Weight: 1.00 lb.

Categories: Personal Care, Bath & Body, Home & Living, Decor & Design, Home Goods

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