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15+ years' experience in agency staffing to help small and medium sized business

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Back Pocket Resources is a Rhode Island-based consulting firm that is focused on creating plans for our clients to staff successfully to meet their goals in the current business climate. We work to create successful staffing solutions that efficiently put the best people in their most effective roles for our client's plans to grow. Back Pocket Resources can help revamp your hiring process, evaluate current staffing models, and train your internal staff to get the right people in the right seats.

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Sean McQuade of Back Pocket Resources

“I wanted to build a company focused on people and purpose that values relationships and service as well as respected a real work life balance based on the challenges, technologies, and opportunities of our current times. I don’t want my team to wait until they retire to enjoy life so I needed to build an environment where they can work hard and play hard. I truly believe that if we are doing the job right, financial success will follow, and in the meantime we get to work with clients and partners that we like and trust.”

Sean McQuade

Dad / Entrepreneur / Firefighter / EMT

  • Lincoln, RI
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