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Beautifully useful housewares and meaningful gifts. Made in RI since 1999.

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Rooted in the tradition of the American Studio Craft movement, Beehive makes thoughtfully designed, handcrafted metalwork inspired by the past, but at home in the present.

We're American artists crafting handmade, meaningful gifts for life's milestones and everyday celebrations. Since 1999 our studio has produced modern and classic home goods, custom engraved jewelry, pewter holiday ornaments, and personalized baby gifts to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

We named our brand Beehive to reflect our love of the home and busy, productive workshops.

Made in Rhode Island, USA

Meet Your Seller

Photo of Sandi and Jim
Sandi and Jim of Beehive Handmade

We're Sandi and Jim, and we’re the artists behind every Beehive product.

We met studying for our Fine Arts degrees, and were brought together by our love of old coastal towns, looking for cool finds at flea markets, and cooking good meals. We also both loved the craft of metalwork, working with hand tools, and making meaningful things.

Years ago, while living in an old New England farmhouse we had an idea for a collection of metal kitchenware. We were inspired by the practical vintage kitchenware we loved, which was much more beautiful than the plain things in shops. So we got to work designing and making a collection of cups, spoons, and utensils. It was a perfect marriage of Jim's metalworking skills and Sandi's love of jewelry and decorative things. When we took our first samples to the American Craft Council show that winter, we never could have imagined the incredible response that our work received. Our heart shaped measuring spoons became an instant hit, and our company was born.

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