BRANDIZING is a professional branding and marketing communications firm specializing in providing brand sensitive clients with a myriad of marketing support services.

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We fuse targeted market positioning with engaging graphic design to successfully differentiate our client brands in their marketplace. Our promise is to support a client’s branding efforts and to develop and produce comprehensive Branding & Marketing Communications that are on target and within budget.

Brandizing provides Strategic Brand Planning, Positioning Statements & Tag Lines, Sales and Corporate Messaging that support positioning, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Digital and Social Media, and the production of any and all tactical marketing tools that support the client’s branding initiatives.

“Vision” and “Originality” are embedded into all of our client branding solutions and both build upon insightful research of your present customer base, your employees, your competition and your industry.

Meet Your Seller

Photo of Richard Papazian
Richard Papazian of Brandizing

For over 50 years, Mr. Papazian has practiced in various capacities as a marketing and visual communications professional. He specializes in providing clients with comprehensive Corporate and Branding programs that are supported by integrative Marketing Communications.

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