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I use a variety of therapeutic healing techniques to relieve stress, reduce pain and promote balance and harmony.

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My name is Jill Barrett, and I've been working as an energy medicine practitioner for the past 15 years. I work with people who are feeling burned out, stressed out, depleted or who just feel stuck. I use a variety of energy healing techniques, like Reiki to give them the boost and reset they need to move forward in their lives with more vitality, balance and purpose! And I should note that an energy healing session with me feels wonderful! It's nurturing, relaxing and at the same time leaves you feeling energized and grounded.

In general, energy medicine has a cumulative effect and when you treat yourself to regular sessions, better health and well-being are natural outcomes.

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Jill Barrett of Energy Healing with Jill

Several years ago, I woke up one morning and realized I just wasn't happy. I was feeling blah and cranky all the time. I felt like something in my life was missing and I had no idea what it was! Externally, everything in my life was great, but inside I just felt empty. I was ashamed and embarrassed to admit that, as comfortable as my life was on paper, I just didn't feel whole. I eventually came to realize that what was missing in my life was ME and I started the process of getting back in touch with myself.

In my journey of rediscovering who I was, I learned Reiki and that was the beginning of my spiritual journey. From there I was on a mission to learn as much as I could about my energetic health and inner self and took many classes and studied with some really great teachers. Through these experiences, I transformed! I learned to really love and own all the parts of myself (not just the "good" parts!). My heart opened, I softened up and stopped taking myself so seriously. I started seeing the world in a very different way and felt much more in the flow of life versus going against it. Soon my life felt fuller and way more fun. Looking back, nothing in my external life was different, but I was different and that made all the difference in the world!

Knowing how profoundly powerful energy healing can be in helping us to change and evolve, I really love using what I have learned to help people move forward in their lives with more balance, purpose and joy!

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