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Holistic Self Care Products made in small batches in Warren, RI. Formulated by herbalism, made with organic botanicals and plant powered ingredients.

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Rachel of Herbal Rae

Hi! I'm Rachel, the owner and creator of Herbal Rae. I've always been a fan of remedies inspired by nature, and during (the year that shall not be named), I finally had the time to invest to further my herbal education & inspiration.

Combining my expertise as a master hairstylist + herbalist, I have used my credentials and experience of the skin and hair to formulate {small batch} herbal self-care products. Our products are made using active ingredients that exist only in nature including mineral rich clays, vitamin packed plant matter and aromatic essential oils. Our products are free of synthetic fragrance that often cause irritation and don't address the root cause of an issue.

We are committed to creating safe holistic products that allow you to create nourishing self care rituals. I hope you enjoy our products as much as we loved handcrafting them for you!

  • Warren, RI
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