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It seems the properties found in glass has not only captured my imagination, but thousands of others throughout the ages. Stained-glass examples continue to exist throughout the world, within Medieval Cathedrals and other structures. Most seemed to have endured the elements and “tests of time”, and continue to show the beautiful interplays, of glass, color and light. Please contact me with any projects you may have, for either residential or commercial applications.

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Kyrsia Napiorkowski of Krysia Designs - Stained Glass Art

Growing up amid the lush greenery of CT, and throughout my life and career as an Artist, I have created with various mediums and art forms. My surrounding environment and "Nature", have always been the source of inspiration for imagery and color palettes, used in my work.

When I took a stained-glass class back in 1987, I was immediately seduced by all the beautiful color options and properties found in glass. I became enamored with the design and building techniques involved in creating unique, stained-glass artwork.

In 1988, Krysia Designs Stained Glass Studio was first established in Tarpon Springs, FL. It was here, where I found my passion for creating beautiful glass “Home Décor”, for local Building Contractors and private home owners. Since, then, I continued working and perfecting my craft, which eventually brought me to the “High Desert” environs of New Mexico, in 2007. After 12 years there, I decided to move back to the East Coast. I currently reside in a beautiful area called Cranston, a suburb just outside of Providence, Rhode Island. Over the past 35 years, I have had the opportunity and joy of working with numerous clients. Many commissions have been created and installed, for both residential and commercial properties, in the US and elsewhere.

Please contact me with any questions or for a custom project you may have in mind.