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Love Letters by Emily features American Sign Language designs signed by Emily Maxwell and photographed by her mother, Carolyn Maxwell, also the designer of their ASL art.

Together they have created a unique collection of handmade cards, photo prints, inspirational quotes, tee shirts and more featuring American Sign Language Letters, I Love You in ASL, and Heart Hands images. Their family-based small business allows Emily to continue to grow and learn, and share her best talents by expressing messages of love, inspiration and hope in ASL.

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Photo of Emily
Emily of Love Letters by Emily

Inspired by Emily's Teacher of the Deaf - who photographed her hand fingerspelling LOVE in American Sign Language letters and made the sweetest Valentine's gift for us ~ from there, one idea led to another...and another...and our Etsy shop was born!

Thirty years ago ~ following open heart surgery when she was just 8 weeks old, we began an amazing journey with our special needs daughter, Emily ~ and have learned to express our love in many ways ~ most often without saying a word.

At the age of 18 months, when we first learned of Emily's hearing loss, teachers and staff at the Rhode Island School for the Deaf quickly became our teachers and mentors ~ and helped us learn our ABC's and so much more! As developmental delays and other medical issues were revealed, it's been a challenge to provide communication & education. With a recent diagnosis of CHARGE syndrome, there is a whole new perspective for the future.

Once her formal school education ended, we created Love Letters by Emily to provide a means for her to continue to learn and grow, and share her best talents!

Love Letters by Emily enables Emily to share her knowledge through our designs, our Facebook page, and YouTube videos. With digital photography, computer technology and social networking ~ she is able to communicate and teach others sign language as well.

Sending heartfelt thanks to YOU ~ for choosing to celebrate special occasions and the special people in your lives with Love Letters by Emily!