We sell certified organic oatmeal soaps. Our soaps hydrate, exfoliate and lock in moisture for healthier skin that glows.

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Business Overview

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “necessity is the mother of invention”. While I don’t think of ANBIA® oatmeal soaps as an invention, I do see them as an innovation within an industry inundated with dyes, chemicals, and perfumes.

Due to my life experiences, I was compelled to create a line of USDA-certified organic oatmeal soaps. You may be wondering what inspires me to use an oatmeal-based soap as part of my skincare process rather than the commercial body washes, gels, and bars that pack the shelves of stores today. This is because oatmeal is a natural exfoliant that has the ability to heal the skin, normalize its Ph level and lock in moisture which my skin desperately needs.

I am now able to produce the ANBIA® skincare line completely in the United States, achieve USDA organic certification, and strive to bring only the safest ingredients for skin to market. Our bar soaps contain finely ground gluten-free oats and are vegan friendly, with the exception of Simply Sweet as it contains certified organic honey. ANBIA® certified organic bar soaps are scented with essential oils and are a welcome exfoliant and moisturizer for your entire body. Our certified organic Castile body wash soaps and our foaming hand wash soaps all contain oatmeal extract amongst other healing ingredients for skin and are vegan friendly.

The most important benefit I have seen after prolonged use is a reduction in residual scarring on my face and body. I had no idea committing to an oatmeal-based skincare routine would provide such visible results. Any scarring can be detrimental to the way you feel about yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’s stretch marks, acne, or even burn scars like mine. I want to share what has healed my body and self-image so you can be proud of the skin you’re in, go ahead and nourish your skin with ANBIA® soaps.

Meet Your Seller

Photo of Julia Anya Emerson
Julia Anya Emerson of ANBIA®

Hi, my name is Julia Anya Emerson and I’m the founder of ANBIA®. Some folks have asked why create a new brand of soaps when there are so many great ones out there. There are lots of fragrant soaps, all shapes, colors and sizes, and they wash and smell great. However, ANBIA® bar soaps not only wash, they cleanse, exfoliate and nourish your skin at the same time. This is because our bar soaps are made with gluten-free oatmeal and are USDA certified organic under our Registered Trademark.

So why did I create this new brand of certified organic oatmeal based soaps? About 20 years ago, I was in a fire accident at home cooking Thanksgiving Dinner. I burned not only my kitchen but also 30% of my body with second- and third-degree burns. Thanksgiving for me now is always a bitter sweet occasion for sentimental reasons. I was very fortunate to find a talented Plastic Surgeon who not only saved my life but also taught me how to cleanse, exfoliate and nourish my skin back to its natural state. I went through about 19 surgical procedures over a three year period, lots of pain, tears and patience to bear. I’m not perfect now; in fact I still have scars from the many skin grafts that were needed to patch me up. But I don’t have any keloids or tight, dry, ruffled skin. My skin is smooth, soft and has a healthy glow at all times. These results were achieved by using oatmeal soaps and oatmeal lotions after baths. I’m a living example of the benefits of oatmeal products on human skin.

I do need to emphasis that ANBIA® soaps do not offer a miracle cure but they will lift off the dead cells from your body and at the same time lock in moisture retrieved from the oats. This makes room for new skin cells to flourish and evolve into healthy skin. Do you remember how soft your Grandma’s skin always felt? She used oatmeal soap, at least mine did, and I hope my future grandchildren will feel the same when they hug me.

If you’re like me with sensitive, burnt or problematic skin and have tried every soap imaginable on the market without results, give our ANBIA® soaps a try. You won’t regret it!