I create photographic empowering experiences for my clients shifting their confidence and allowing them to level up.

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The experience of having your own photoshoot with me is about YOU. Yes, you will have fabulous images, but it creates a spark that builds into something greater and more powerful than you could ever imagine. It changes the way you see yourself.

Witnessing people transform, drop their self-conscious thoughts and become empowered in front of my camera is why I do what I do. I see my clients start to throw back their shoulders, lean into the wind blowing in their hair, do a little dance to the music and float across the room to change into their next outfit. I can’t wait to show you off to the world.

Meet Your Seller

Photo of Stephanie Ewens

Feel free to call me Steph. I have been a photojournalist, documentary photographer and a portrait photographer for over twenty years. With thousands of images under my belt, I promise you that everyone can take a good photograph that shows off their authentic and glowing self. I’d love to prove that to you in my studio.