The Industrious Spirit Company aka ISCO

The first distillery in Rhode Island’s capital since Prohibition

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The Industrious Spirit Company (ISCO) in Providence is the first distillery in Rhode Island’s capital since Prohibition, producing its spirits on the site of a former steel yard that is now home to a vibrant artist and maker community. Inspired by a deep passion for hands-on creation and the quality of product this allows, they distill their vodkas, gins and bourbons entirely from scratch.

ISCO prides itself on aligning its sourcing with its ideology of sustainability—the base for their products begins with 100% organic corn from their regional farm partner, directly supporting the use of regenerative agricultural practices such as long-term crop rotations and cover crops in order to rebuild soil health, sequester carbon and keep waterways clean. The company works with local farmers in Rhode Island to repurpose its nutrient-dense production “waste” as feed for pigs and cows and employs solar panels to offset a portion of their energy usage. Their creative, artistic approach is about both seeking out the highest quality flavors and contributing to a virtuous cycle of regeneration and repair.

The ISCO Tasting Room, Bottle Shop and Cocktail Bar and Patio is open W-Sunday, see our Instagram @iscospirits or our website for current hours. Cheers!

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Photo of Manya
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Manya and Dan of The Industrious Spirit Company aka ISCO

Manya and Dan have known each other for over two decades as part of a creative community in the Valley neighborhood of Providence. Based on a shared dedication to making and a love of delicious items, the two decided to partner to bring craft distilling back to Providence back in the fall of 2016—good things truly do take time! (So. Much. Time.) Dan, a Head Distiller, is a skilled welder and artist with years of fermentation experience. Manya, our CEO, is a marketer and publisher with a love of agriculture, spirits and community building. Along the way the two have picked up some amazing partners and team members!

Eric Olson is also a Head Distiller at ISCO, he is a lifelong Rhode Islander with over two decades of experience managing kitchens of all shapes and sizes, a certified Master Gardener and grower of hops with a voracious passion for the fermented and distilled beverage community.

Our CFO/COO Doug Randall has a lengthy background in finance and entrepreneurship. A Rhode Island native, Doug was initially drawn in by both the vision for the venture and the idea of creating a tangible product—especially a tangible product as delightful as whiskey!

As owner and founder of the Albany Distilling Company (since 2011), partner John Curtin knows a thing or two about distillation. He shares our founders’ deep love of Providence from the years he spent living in an artist loft just around the corner from our current location.

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