West Place Animal Sanctuary

Non-profit farm animal sanctuary and licensed wildlife rehabilitation center in Tiverton.

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Since 2007, West Place Animal Sanctuary has provided a permanent home and lifesaving care to farm animals rescued from abuse, neglect, and cruelty. We are a licensed wildlife rehabilitation center that assists sick, injured, and orphaned animals and returns healthy wildlife back to their natural habitats. Additionally, West Place serves as the lost dog shelter for Tiverton and Little Compton.

Our small non-profit is able to accomplish great things thanks to a robust network of volunteers and student interns. Many of our volunteers provide daily animal care, while others work as crafters creating one-of-a-kind items for our on-site and online gift shops. Many items are handmade by volunteers using materials from the sanctuary, including sheep wool and alpaca fiber; feathers from peacocks and other birds; upcycled feed bags; and more. Other items are inspired by our amazing rescues including alpacas, horses, cows, pigs, donkeys, sheep, goats, ducks, chickens, turkeys, geese, swans, and exotic birds.

All proceeds benefit the rescued farm animals and wildlife at West Place Animal Sanctuary, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by Wendy Taylor.

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Photo of Wendy Taylor
Wendy Taylor of West Place Animal Sanctuary

In 2003, a devastating house fire claimed the lives of my nine pets and turned my world upside down. I started West Place Animal Sanctuary as a way to honor their lives while providing a safe haven for farm animals who are often overlooked within the animal welfare industry. Since 2007, West Place has given thousands of animals the second chances they deserve, and the demand for our services keeps growing.

The handmade crafts, jewelry, artwork, clothing, apparrel, accessories, and more offer another avenue to support West Place's lifesaving work while enjoying an eclectic mix of items you won't find anywhere else. Whether shopping online or exploring the full selection in our on-site gift shop, we hope you find somethign heartwarming, unique, and inspiring.

We're always looking for volunteer crafters so if you're interested in using your skills to support our farm animal rescues, please contact us at info@westplace.org.

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