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Matt Femia of Micrographer

Hi! I'm a microscope enthusiast and ex-cancer-scientist. I changed careers a few years back but deeply missed the science & medical world. So I leaned on that passion, built my own microscopes, and started Micrographer! Across my career, I've logged over 3000 machine hours on microscopes, published microscope research, and worked with some of the leading microscopists in the world. In other words, I'm pretty big on this strange hobby of microscopy!

There's nothing I love more than showing you all this world beneath our eyes. With that, I hope I can offer you more than traditional art through these prints and provide something truly unique and eye-catching.

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The Crown is a print created from imaging crystallized Creatine Monohydrate through a microscope.

A combination of biochemistry and microscopy techniques were used to produce the crystals and final image. The final hi-res image is captured through a microscope.

Print Quality and Specifications:

Our prints are printed on a premium fine art semi-glossy baryta paper using archival inks. The paper we use is 315 gsm and 100% cotton. It also contains no optical brighteners and is acid- and lignin-free. Our paper fully conforms to ISO 9706, offering a museum-quality print with excellent age resistance.

Additional sizes are available on our website:

Additional sizes are available on our website:

Height: 8.00 in. Depth: 0.20 in. Length: 12.00 in. Weight: 0.20 lb.

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