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Handcrafted wreaths and signs. We create unique decor to beautify your home.

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Welcome! Wreath Obsessed specializes in the design and creation of handcrafted unique, high quality wreaths and signs. Let us help you to create the welcoming vibe you've always dreamed of with our beautiful home decor.

Home! We feature many types of home decor styles as we celebrate differences in decorative styles. Please check the shop sections to view current design styles. Our wreath alternative collection includes: Themed Signs / Personalized Signs / Monogrammed Door Hangers / Customized Garden Flags. Brighten up your door, wall or garden with a personalized touch. Just like you, personalized designs are limitless in nature

Beautiful! A majority of Wreath Obsessed distinctive designs are indeed one of a kind. In keeping with current trends, it is my pleasure to offer ready-to-ship, original designs in the shop. To view previous creative design styles check the Wreath Obsessed Etsy sale stats, albums on Facebook, and/or view the Instagram gallery.

Items sold are "Ready to Ship", "Made to Order" or "Custom Order". Each item will be marked as such and the processing time will also reflect the availability of each design. If an item is ready to ship, it may also be made as a "MTO" or "CO" as well. Please send a direct message with any special requests. I'd be happy to do my best to accommodate your needs. Each collection section may have a variety of availability options.

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Welcome Beautiful!
I am proud to provide a personalized wreath customization service for citizens of the United States. I have been blessed to have had the capacity to make an abundant amount of unique wreaths in a short amount of time, in doing so beautifying homes across the U.S. Most of my works of art are custom and unique, therefore, in addition to the in stock selections, a majority of my previous work are available in albums located in the Wreath Obsessed Facebook page and Instagram gallery. I also have a Wreath Obsessed Pinterest account which includes a board of just my creations.

I am most proud to be a "MomPreneur", caring for my beautiful daughters, full time since birth. My ability to work from home affords me the opportunity to continue to stay with my children, which is of utmost importance to me. In working from home, I'm able to demonstrate the tenacity it takes to run a successful business. I hope to influence my daughters to be strong, thoughtful women someday. Thank you for choosing to shop small with Wreath Obsessed. Thank you for supporting our family and dream. Thank you for allowing me to work from home!

  • Cranston, RI
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