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As we know, some bottled water companies have contaminates in the water. Yet, life can't stop and water has to be consumed. We now offer Alkaline Mineral filters for tap water or any bottled water. Just insert the filter stick, wait 15 minutes and you now have fresh, alkaline, mineral infused water. Filter life is 9 months

Minerals: Tourmaline, Far Infared Stones, Hydrogen Minerals, Nano Silver and Maifian Stones. The minerals work together to eliminate bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals and chlorine.

Height: 5.00 in. Depth: 0.50 in. Length: 0.50 in. Weight: 0.14 lb.

Categories: Personal Care, Hair, Nail & Skin Care, Food & Drink, Groceries & Farms, Home & Living, Home Goods

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